At Central Florida Media Group we like to think that building a website is a lot like building a house, if you’ve never gone through the process of building a website before don’t worry! We’re here to help you through every step of the way. Below you can learn about the 3 key elements of a website:

The Hosting is our plot of land


A website needs hosting the way that a house needs a plot of land, once it is built it needs somewhere to sit and that is where hosting comes in. This is where all of the files that make up the website will be stored.

The Domain is our street address


Now that we know where our site is going to be stored we need to let everyone know where they can find it. The Domain is the “.com” that people type into their search bar, and like a street address this is how people will find your website.

The Design of the site is the house itself


Now that we have a place for the house to be built, and the world knows where to find it, we have to actually build it! The design of the site is the house that we are building, this is where we make decisions of the structure and look.

When building a house or a website we’ll need a blue print. This is how we help our clients build their site blueprint.

This blueprint lays out what pages will be on the site which is the first and most important part of the build. Once we know what pages will make up the site we can focus on what the content and design of those pages will be.