Video Production Portfolio

Tucker Paving

Challenge: Develop a video to recruit qualified job applicants for a fast-growing paving company.

Our Solution: Create a short video that could be distributed and shared on social media channels.

Labor Solutions 20 Year Anniversary

Labor Solutions 20 Year Anniversary from Labor Solutions on Vimeo.

Challenge: Develop a video to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Labor Solutions Staffing Agency.

Our Solution: Tell the story of a growing staffing agency in good times and bad.

Central Florida Media Group Social Media Marketing

Challenge: Produce a video to showcase Central Florida Media Group’s inbound marketing services.

Our Solution: The video was originally produced for an auto industry seminar but edited for general distribution.  Over the past few years, The Central Florida Media Group has helped numerous businesses generate leads and appointments. If this is something you’re challenged with too, let’s set up a quick call. We have some ideas that might help.

Central Florida Media Group Social Media Marketing

Challenge: Position Central Florida Media Group as social media management experts.

Our Solution: Host a social media workshop in the USF incubator video production studios. The video was marketed on social media channels to generate new clients.

Central Florida Farm Tour

Challenge: Build awareness for the Central Florida Farm Tour event.  The Central Florida Farm Tour is an annual event that takes place in late April.

Our Solution: Develop a short video for distribution on Facebook to promote the Central Florida Farm Tour, a self-guided tour of working farms in Polk County.  The video received more than 10,000 views on Facebook.

Phillip Rucks Citrus Nursery

Challenge: Develop a video that the nursery could use to tell their story to customers at trade shows and speaking engagements.

Our Solution: The video offers an inside look at the inner workings of a large commercial citrus nursery, bud-wood house, and tissue culture lab.

Central Florida Media Group Inbound Marketing Strategies

Challenge: Develop a short animation to describe inbound marketing as collateral material for a presentation to local business owners at Winter Haven Chamber of Commerce.

Our Solution: Create an animation that describes the inbound marketing process to potential prospects.