Are You Posting Without a Plan?

If you’ve ever sat around painfully pondering what you’re going to post next on social media, a content calendar will be your next best friend.  So, just what is a content calendar?

A content calendar is a written plan of what, when, and where you plan to publish upcoming content. It helps you stay on track with your posting schedule and create content that is clear, organized, and on-brand. 

Stay Organized and Save Time 
If you’re ready to stop winging it and get organized, here are some benefits of creating and maintaining a content calendar: 

  • One-stop shop. Searching for all the ideas you’ve jotted down in notebooks takes time.  Keep all of your thoughts and content ideas in one document. 
  • Plan ahead. Typically, content calendars are created a month or more in advance. Developing content ahead of time allows you to prepare for important dates, campaigns, or holidays and incorporate them into your posts, blogs and emails. 
  • Align your messaging. As part of your overall marketing strategy, your messaging should be clear and consistent. Your posts, website, and email marketing should cover the same topics at the same time. 
  • Keep everyone on the same page.  There are often multiple people on a team who need to know what content is planned. Creating a shared calendar lets all team members participate and communicate more effectively. 

Develop and Maintain a Strategy
In addition to the benefits of organization, a content calendar can help you stick to your goals and produce quality content. A good calendar gives you focus and clarity, improving all aspects of your marketing efforts. Your content should always provide some type of value to those you’re trying to reach.

It’s important to remember that you can add as many elements as you need to your calendar. Notice that some posts are doing better than others? Make a note, fine-tune it, and use it again in the future. 

Central Florida Media Group is here to help you get results from a well-organized content calendar. View our website and contact us today to get started!

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