How We Use the Power of Content Marketing to Generate Business for Our Clients

There’s an old saying from my childhood: “The loudest voice is the voice that gets heard.” You see, I come from a family of ten.  I have seven siblings, and I am child number six. Yes, that’s right. Eight kids under one roof— no twins. I have no idea how my parents did it.  And, I’m sure you can imagine, as number six on the totem pole, I didn’t have a whole lot of seniority. So, many times— even if I was the loudest voice— it still didn’t make a bit of difference.  My case was often mute . . . or thrown out. What does all this have to do with marketing, you might ask?  Well, a lot, actually.

 You see, if I wanted anyone in my family to listen to what I had to say, I had to get creative.  Really creative. From as young as elementary school, I figured out that being loud and aggressive wasn’t the best way to gain the attention or favor of my audience (a.k.a., my parents and siblings).  If I wanted them to listen to me— and hop on my bandwagon for whatever my campaign was about— I needed to have not only a good case but tell it in an interesting way. So, I started writing stories, essays, poems, and prose.  I didn’t know it then, but in reality, my childhood was preparing me to be a content marketer. In the marketing world, you have lots of options, but they usually fall into two categories.  You can either do it the old way or the new way.

The Old Way – Traditional Marketing

Marketing in the traditional sense follows the old family saying, “the loudest voice is the voice that gets heard.”  It means you are broadcasting your message across traditional media outlets: TV, radio, newspaper, etc., to cast a very wide net in the hope your sales pitch is loud enough to make somebody turn their head and buy your product or service.

The New Way – Content Marketing

Marketing in today’s world requires a method that I have found a lot of success with, even as a child in a large family of ten.  If you know your audience, how to reach them on their turf, and tell them a good story, you will dazzle and amaze them, while winning their patronage.  How do we accomplish that at Central Florida Media Group, you ask? Well, we have a lot of tools in the shed, but honestly, what we pride ourselves on is using the right tools for our clients (not just any tools).  If social media is not the answer for your business as a lead-generator, we won’t recommend it to you. If your website is better served by a blog, we can help you create content for it that will attract new and existing customers again and again.  The essential ingredient, no matter what tools are used, however, is the story.  You have to be able to tell a good story across multiple mediums (such as niche publications and targeted social media) and in many different and engaging ways.  

That’s what we do for our clients here at CFMG, and that’s why many of them have been with us from the beginning. Because, after all, who doesn’t love a good story, and who wouldn’t want to be your customer if they heard it the way it was meant to be told?