How to Communicate With Your Website Designer

So you’ve enlisted the help of a professional team to help build your website. At Central Florida Media Group, we want your website to turn out exactly how you envision it. There are ways you can help us along the way by effectively communicating your desires so you can easily get the final product you want. In today’s blog, we’ll give you some tips. The design team will thank you!

1. Be up front about the big picture.

Do you have a specific vision or aesthetic you’re trying to achieve? What about certain things that are absolute must-haves? Those first discovery meetings you have with your team are the time to communicate these ideas. Being able to implement them from the start saves you money later on, as your designer won’t have to double back on their work. And if something can’t be done, the designer will be able to explain right then why, and how we can go in a new direction.

2. Give notes, not solutions.

This one is twofold. When you have an edit, be as clear as possible. Specify what page it’s happening on, what part of the page (“paragraph 3”), and what needs to be changed (“change the image to this image instead”). Additionally, if there’s something you don’t like, tell your designer that. Avoid saying, “Make this text bright blue,” and instead say, “This text is important and needs to pop off the page.” Designers are keeping a wide variety of elements in mind, so this helps them be more effective. 

3. Let the professionals handle it.

Some clients may want to stay involved by writing the copy or taking images to be used on the site, and while this can be done, designers can typically create a more cohesive final product if we utilize our team in all aspects of the website. 

Central Florida Media Group would love to work with you to help your website come to life! Visit our website to connect with us

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