Three M’s of Target Marketing: How to Become a Purple Rabbit

What’s a “purple rabbit”? It’s marketer’s slang — our slang, really — for the ideal mix of marketing, media, and messaging. In this week’s brief business-boosting pitch, I’m going to talk about these important “Three M’s.”

MARKETING: In today’s ultra-competitive business world, if you’re not doing some type of marketing, you’re just not trying. The good ol’ days of “My marketing is all word of mouth” left the building years ago. Today, not only do businesses and organizations have to market, they have to sell themselves using multiple means and tactics.

MEDIA: Wow! Business leaders who want to market their products, brands, and services sure have a ton of choices these days. The “old guard” selections of radio, television, newspapers, shopping guides, direct mail, and Yellow Pages are still around, but on top of those today are digital services that give marketers the tools to focus in tightly on the consumers and decision makers who are more likely to shop for and consider using the goods and/or services being offered. Niche publications, targeted e-newsletters, social media channels, and, of course, a website should be constructed from the ground up with the idea to sell the value of the organization, product, or service. Not only must these modern marketing tools interest customers, they have to include easy ways for customers — and potential customers — to provide their contact information. Interactivity is key here.

MESSAGING: I can’t underscore enough the need for good, solid, and valuable content and creative graphics in your marketing message. If the presentation isn’t eye-catching if it’s not interesting if it’s not authoritative if it’s not well written, and if it’s not targeted, what kind of message are you really sending? A not-so-good one, that’s what.

Publisher, Central Florida Media Group

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