Contact Forms Take Your Site to the Next Level

Contact forms might seem like unnecessary add-ons to your website. Why bother when you can just list your email and phone number? At Central Florida Media Group, we believe in the power a simple contact form can hold. Keep reading to get the details, and visit our website to learn more about building a website for your business. 

Here are some ways a simple contact form on your website can help your business excel. 

  1. Reduce Spam
    By using a form on your website, you can hide your business email from the internet. If you have your business email available directly on your page, it can easily be picked up by bots and scammers and added to email lists for phishing purposes. 
  1. Easily Get Quotes
    Each step of your sales funnel has to be as easy as possible for the potential customer. Utilizing a form on your website helps make that first step even simpler. Instead of having to open up their email client and write you an email, they can easily reach out directly from your website. 
  1. Build Your Email List
    Are you using a newsletter for your services? The contact form is an easy way to find some new subscribers. Most forms are customizable in nearly every aspect, with the ability to add and remove custom boxes or drop-downs. We can assist with form design and newsletter creation
  1. Delegate Tasks to Your Team
    We can set up your form submissions to go to a designated team member’s email inbox or to specific members based on selections in the form. There are also tools to have automatic tasks created when a form submission is completed. This can help jumpstart your productivity and ensure no potential leads are missed. 
  1. Compile User-Generated Content
    If you’re looking for some user-generated content, this is a great way to compile submissions. No need to spend time individually emailing back and forth. Customize your form to allow attachments for even easier content creation. 

If your business needs help building a website or even just adding a contact form, the team here at Central Florida Media Group is more than happy to assist. Visit our website to get started and contact us today

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