Have a Plan in Place for When Your Website Goes Down

Your website is down. Maybe the page won’t load, or you’re getting an error code when you try to access a page. Don’t panic; instead, follow these simple steps to get your site up and running again.

  1. Identify the problem.
  2. Alert users.
  3. Invest in backup solutions.
  4. Regularly check google search console.

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  1. Identify the problem.
    This might be the hardest part, but it will help point you to where you need to go next to get your site running again. Ensure your site is actually down and the problem wasn’t your browser or internet connection. If you can’t access it and your users can’t either, it’s likely there is an error related to your website hosting configuration. Check your server to ensure it’s still running. Have you been ignoring that request to renew your domain or hosting service? The backend of your website might also alert you to an issue with a plugin.
  1. Alert users.
    If this problem can’t be solved quickly, you might want to alert users to the issue and let them know you’re actively working to solve the problem. Downtime on your site causes distrust in the brand, as well as preventing any sales from occurring while your site is down. A short message can help save face.
  1. Invest in backup solutions.
    Set your domain and hosting services to auto renew and have backup DNS ready to go. Need help deciphering the website jargon? We’ve got you covered
  1. Regularly check google search console.
    Google Search Console is a valuable tool that can help you perform regular maintenance checks on your website. It will also let you know if your site is not showing in search results, which could alert you to other problems. 

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