Make Your Site Easier to Read With 3 Simple Steps

At Central Florida Media Group, we understand you need your customers to stay on the page in order to learn more about your business, gain trust in your business, and eventually reach out or make a purchase. While there are many ways to decrease your bounce rate, like optimizing your image sizes, today we’ll be talking about making your site easy to read. If users are confused or can’t easily read the text you have inputted, they’ll get frustrated, click away, and you’ve just lost a sale. We’re here to stop that from happening with these simple tips.

  1. Minimize Your Fonts
    There’s a whole world of fonts out there, so it can be tempting to explore all those choices. For legibility and clarity, it’s best to stick to one or two font choices for your website. More than that makes your website appear unstructured and unprofessional. Bonus tip: Carry these fonts over to your social media graphics for clear branding across platforms. (Need social media help? We’ve got you covered.)
  1. Consider Size, Width, and Spacing
    When selecting a font, choose one that is legible no matter its size. In addition, select a font size that’s not too small or too big. Width also matters; we’ve all had that website or screenshot that we’ve had to zoom into to see, then scroll back and forth to read the text. This is cumbersome and will encourage users to click away. Line spacing is also important and can greatly affect visibility, so select a spacing size that’s easy to read.
  1. Contrast – Simplicity Is Best
    If your website’s background is white, you wouldn’t choose your text color to be white as well. The same goes for colored backgrounds; ensure there is enough contrast between the background and the text to be clearly legible. 

Typography changes on your website are easy fixes that can greatly change the appearance of your site and your business as a whole. Upgrade yours with services from Central Florida Media Group. Visit our website to get in touch with us. 

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