Simple Navigation Is Important to Your Website’s Success

Cluttered websites look unprofessional and are hard to navigate. Users can easily get frustrated and click away, leaving you with a bad bounce rate and, more importantly, no sale. At Central Florida Media Group, we’re here to change that and explain why simple navigation is so important to the success of your website. For more website design tips, visit our blog

Why is simple website navigation important? 

There are a number of reasons to care about making your website easy to navigate for your user. If users can’t understand how to use your website or easily get to the information they’re looking for, they’ll click away and go look for that resource elsewhere. This increases your bounce rate, which worsens your SEO. 

Good website navigation influences users’ positive feelings toward your website, which helps you to build authority and increases the likelihood that those users will follow through and make a purchase. It also makes you look more professional, and helps build trust in your brand.

How can you make your website easy to navigate? 

A simple navigation involves each individual page, as well as menus that appear on every page. Menus should be simple and easily accessible; always placed in the top or corner and easy to navigate on mobile. Think about what pages should be linked to your menu, and which should be listed as submenus or accessible through those top menu pages. 

Pages should be laid out thoughtfully, with text that is clearly visible. Less is typically more when it comes to layout; clean design is favored over a cluttered one. 

Hyperlinks are useful for building authority and assisting with navigation across your site. Internal links, like this one, can help promote related content to your users or sell related products. 

We can help transform your website, no matter the level of assistance you desire. We’re happy to work with you to meet your needs. To learn more about what we offer, visit our Central Florida Media Group site to get connected

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