SEO Keywords: Why, How, and Best Practices

Keywords are vital for your website, but which ones do you use and what’s the best way to use them? Central Florida Media Group is here to clarify the role of keywords and how your business can use them on your website. 

Let’s dive into learning about keywords. 

Short- vs. Long-Tail Keywords

Keywords are typically categorized into 2 classes: short-tail and long-tail keywords. Short-tail keywords are groups of one to two words. These words are searched all the time, meaning they have a high search volume, but they’re also high in competition. These searches could be “bread recipe” or “oil change.” While it’s possible to rank for these words, we don’t recommend starting there for small businesses, as you already have a lot of competition to compete with. Typically, the companies ranking for short-tail keywords have already built up their authority.

Long-tail keywords are groups of three to 10 words that have a lower search volume but also much less competition. They are much more specific, and could include examples like “beginner vegan bagel recipe” or “car shops that service antique cars.” 

  1. Do Your Keyword Research
    It’s not a shot in the dark. Keyword research should be performed by your marketing team or a hired marketing expert so you know what words you should be targeting. This gives your business the best chance at success. 
  1. Choose Keywords Intentionally
    As mentioned above, there’s a stark difference between short- and long-tail keywords. While your business will undoubtedly utilize some short keywords in your marketing, you should be targeting long-tail keywords for best results. They have a better chance of being seen by your desired customer. 
  1. Place Your Keywords
    It’s time to utilize those keywords, and they’re more versatile than you think. You should be strategically placing the keywords you’ve selected through research in your metadata, titles, subheads, within the content itself, even in your images’ alt text and file names. 

Keywords are a valuable tool your business can use to increase your search engine ranking. From website design to keyword research, Central Florida Media Group has you covered. Visit our website and check out our blog to learn more about how we can help. 

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