Website Security in 5 Simple Steps

Security is a priority for us at Central Florida Media Group, and it should be for your business, too. Don’t worry, it’s easy to update your website to meet safety standards. Here are some simple steps that will make your business’ website a safe place to be.

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Website Safety Made Simple

  1. Keep Your Website Updated
    Web hosting applications and theme creators will regularly push out updates to their software to keep it up-to-date and safe from cyber attacks. These updates may also help your website run faster or provide you with new features. Keep your defenses strong by staying updated. 
  1. Install an SSL Certificate
    This step is easily done through your website provider and improves your website’s search engine ranking. Google favors a safe and secure website over one that’s unpredictable for users. An SSL certificate keeps your data safe by encrypting it, making it harder for hackers to infiltrate. 
  1. Use Reliable Hosting Software
    While it may be tempting to go for the cheapest option, examine all your web hosting choices to find what’s best for you. If you’re handling payments and sensitive information, you’ll especially want to find a web host that’s trusted and proven to be safe for both your users and your business. We can provide recommendations, as well as build your website for you
  1. Set Up Regular Backups
    Most hosting software has the option to turn on automatic backups. This is a great idea to ensure your website stays safe. If something were to happen due to a cyber attack or even a mishap in an update, you can revert back to a previous version while you problem solve. 
  1. Change Your Passwords
    It’s common knowledge, but it shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s important to practice password safety. That means changing your passwords that have been exposed in data leaks, and making those passwords difficult to begin with. Use password sharing technology with your team as opposed to writing them down on paper or in a shared document.

With these tips, your website will be off to a great, safe, and secure start. It’s never too late to optimize your website for maximum protection. Visit our website to learn more about all the services we offer here are Central Florida Media Group, from website design to social media content creation. 

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