The Journey to Your Site: How Search Engines Work

Search engines — they’re constantly changing their algorithms and specifications to better deliver results to their users. That’s why marketing experts are needed to stay up-to-date on search engine updates. Search engine visibility is pivotal to your business’ success. Understanding the complex journey search engines go on to discover and rank websites will help you better your website so prospects can find your services. Today, we’ll dive into that process. Stay in touch with Central Florida Media Group for marketing advice and services

Websites are made up of HTML, a language search engines can read and decipher. Search engines use a few processes to better understand your website so they can then deliver those results to the appropriate consumer. 


This is when the search engine “crawls” your website as a way of accessing it. Crawlers are looking for links, which is why we encourage internal linking from page to page on your site (we use it too). This helps customers better find what they’re looking for, and helps the crawler get to more pages on your site. The more pages it finds and surveys, the better it can serve those search engine results to people that are searching. 


Search engines then go deeper by searching through the content of your site. They analyze keywords, content, and metadata. They try to understand what’s going on in your site, using the information available in the HTML, so that they can serve great results to their site users. 

Reporting Back to the User

Once the search engine understands your site, it can use that knowledge to give great search results. A host of other factors go into making a great site and making your site more “crawlable” and relevant, like site speed and backlinks. Visit our blog for more information.

Having a better understanding of how search engines work will help you better understand your website design, content creation, and marketing strategies. We’d love to connect with you here at Central Florida Media Group to speak about your needs. Visit our website to get started. 

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